Talita has over 20 years of experience working with women who have been used in prostitution and human trafficking for sexual purposes. During our journey, we have seen the clear and undeniable link between pornography and prostitution, and we chose to expand the business to include women who are used in pornography, several years ago. Mainstream pornography is nothing but documented prostitution. Someone or some have sex for compensation, but it all happens before a film camera.

Last year, the Stockholm Police’s Prostitution Unit asked us to meet with a young girl from Latvia who we call Katja. At 20 years old, Katja sold her body to be able to care for her gravely ill parents. She told us how everything began with pornography. She described the horror of it, the violence she was exposed to, and how she suffered from the thought of men watching those films for sexual pleasure. How her abuse could never be removed. Prostitution became the next logical step; she hated every minute of it; but to Katja, at least it wasn’t as painful as pornography. 

We know that the women used in the production of pornography have the same background as those used in prostitution and human trafficking. They often have a history of sexual abuse and/or have been drawn into the sex trade because of poverty and psychosocial problems. It is no coincidence that they are lured into the industry; porn producers are well aware that these vulnerable girls and women are easy to manipulate and exploit. The porn industry is currently a legal pimp, which tragically continues to exploit young, vulnerable women in the most brutal ways. And just like any other large multinational company, everything is about earning as much money as possible. Today, when most online pornography is free, the revenue comes from ads on the pages, some of which are ads for escort sites where women can be ordered like a pizza to a person's door. Prostitution feeds on pornography and pornography on prostitution. Pornography is nothing more than documented prostitution. 

Download and read Talita's report on the Swedish pornography industry below:  

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Reality Check

To prevent and combat the harmful effects of pornography, Talita launched Reality Check, a prevention project aimed at equipping the adult world with knowledge and tools to teach children about the harms of pornography. Our first material, 10 myths about porn, is available in both written and digital format.

Download and read: 10 myths about porn 

Ladda ner materialet här: 10 myter om porr (Swedish)