Who we are

Talita is a NGO offering help and support to women exploited in prostitution, pornography and human trafficking for sexual exploitation. Our long-term support program is based on a method we formed from the knowledge gathered over the 20 years we have worked with our target group. And the method works: virtually every woman who has completed Talita's program has exited prostitution for good. Talita has excellent collaboration with the police. They often refer women seeking help to us when they launch a crackdown on pimps and sex buyers. Fighting the organized crime behind sexual exploitation is a huge challenge, requiring a significant amount of resources and teamwork - which is why we need you!

Vision & mission


Talita means ‘little girl’ and comes from a story in the Bible when Jesus stands beside a girl’s deathbed and says ‘Little girl, I say to you, get up’ (talita koum)-- and the girl rises up. Our vision is that every woman and girl who has been exploited in commercial sexual exploitation is able to rise up to a new life.

Talita’s motto is to see the woman's situation holistically, help her the entire way, regardless of where in the world she has been exploited and regardless of whether or not someone pays for her placement at Talita.


Human trafficking for sexual exploitation is a modern form of slavery. Prostitution is a form of men's violence against women. Pornography is documented prostitution.

Talita's mission is to fight prostitution, pornography and human trafficking for sexual exploitation through prevention, outreach and support.


We, the founders of Talita, started the organization in 2004 because we saw a vulnerable group - women in prostitution - that society did not do enough to help. Since we ourselves are Christians, it was natural for us to let the organization rest on Christian values. Transparence is important to use, and everyone who turns to us has the right to know that our holistic approach means that we believe that people not only have basic needs of a physical, material, psychological, social and intellectual nature, but also of a spiritual/existential nature.

Many of the women from abroad who seek support from us express the importance of having their spiritual/existential needs met. The vast majority of them come from societies and cultures where belief in the existence of God is central. By Christian values we mean:

• That every human being is worthy of being loved and treated with interest, respect, consideration and without prejudice.
• That every human being has a free will that must be protected, listened to and respected.
• That each human being is created with a unique purpose. Our values are about reaching out to those who are in greatest need for help and support.

We believe that the biggest problem in the world today is that we humans are too quick to judge and too slow to love. According to our beliefs, God's love is unconditional and we try to communicate that love in everything we do. Blaming or condemning individuals is completely against our values. This means for instance that everyone has the right to define her or his own sexuality and identity, and that every woman has the right to decide whether she wants to have an abortion or not.

Talita offers long-term support to women who have been exploited in the commercial sexual exploitation. Our method does not contain any religious aspects. However, in addition to our support program, we also offer voluntary Bible studies for those women who wish to participate.

Talita is not affiliated with any church and we feel very strongly about being open to and accepting of different life views. We welcome everyone who falls within our target group, regardless of ethnic background, social status, religion, sexual orientation or political views. Our desire is to create a safe place where survivors of prostitution can feel welcome and where new hope can be born.



Founder, trauma therapist and lawyer specialized in human rights and experience in working against the child sex trade.


Founder, trauma therapist and licensed pharmacist with many years of experience in educational training and competence building.


Site manager at Villa Talita with long experience as a social worker within the social services.


Research director and initiator of Talita's prevention work. Has published peer-reviewed research on pornography consumption and production.


Administrator at Talita's office. Has previous experience of client work within the organization and similar work with the target group in Romania. Speaks fluent Romanian.


Visual communicator and webdesigner. Handyman at Villa Talita.


Case manager for clients who finished the program and women exiting pornography. Earlier experience with outreach among our target group and education in social sciences and psychology.


Responsible for planning with clients in Talita's program. Lawyer with expert knowledge within GDPR. Further education in psychology.


Responsible for the accommodation Lilla Talita. Also leads Talita's outreach activities. Jasmina has her own experience of prostitution and has undergone Talita's program. (Jasmina is a fake name)